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Xiamen Airlines mandates Chinese lessor for 737 deliveries
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Chinese airline will take the jets on operating lease from a Shanghai-based company...
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The article focuses on economic slowdown and stock market decline in China and its impact on investors in China's chemical industry. Topics discussed include explosion of a chemical warehouse in Tianj...
Where Is the Alchemy? The Experiment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in Freeing the Foreign Investment Regime in China
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The establishment of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone immediately hit international and domestic headlines. On face value, the free trade zone is a variation to the long-established special economic...
What you need to know about the global business of free trade zones
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The article presents a reprint of the article "What you need to know about the global business of free trade zones" by Daniel Allen, which appeared in the February 2015 issue of "INTHEBLACK." Topics m...
Ways of Ensuring External Economic Strength in the Agricultural Produce Market of Ukraine
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The article assesses the status of external foreign relations in the agricultural sector and describes the regional structure of the agricultural goods turnover. It also analyzes the prospects and pos...
Using agent-based modelling and landscape metrics to assess landscape fragmentation in Iskandar Malaysia
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Special economic zones (SEZs) emerge as new forces driving Asian economic transformation and triggering rapid landscape fragmentation. It is imperative to map out the present and future spatial patter...
Urban land expansion under economic transition in China: A multi-level modeling analysis
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China is undergoing an unprecedented urbanization process in which massive amounts of rural land has been converted to urban use. Indeed, rapid urban land expansion in China has generated heightened c...
Urban Land Expansion and Sustainable Land Use Policy in Shenzhen: A Case Study of China’s Rapid Urbanization
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Shenzhen is a city that is highly representative of China’s rapid urbanization process. As the city rapidly expands, there are enormous challenges to the sustainable use of land resources. This pape...
U.S. Foreign Trade Zones and Chinese Free Trade Zones: A Comparative Analysis
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There are many free trade zones in the United States and in China. Free trade zones have played an important role in the tremendous growth of the Chinese economy. One year ago, China established the S...
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The article discusses the Rionegro Free-Trade Zone, which was established in the year 1993 in outskirts of Medellín, Colombia, and now houses more than 80 companies such as Information Technology firm...
Towards a Stable and Dynamic Economy in the Kaliningrad Region
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The economy of the Kaliningrad exclave is not sufficiently stable and is heavily affected by external factors. This work aims to estimate the current economic situation in the region and explore possi...
Toward a spatiotemporal consciousness in media studies: locational aesthetics and digital filmmaking in China's Special Zones
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The abstraction of space in ‘new’ media theory, together with the preoccupation with space in Asian studies, demands a rethinking of the time–space relationship in terms of Asia and digital media. Thi...
Tianjin FTZ launches inaugural dollar bond
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Tianjin Free Trade Zone Investment Holding Group (Tianjin FTZ) hit the market for its first dollar bond on December 2...
Thilawa special economic zone and the single window
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Transporting goods by sea remains the dominant move of importing and exporting merchandise and the amount of such movements was revolutionised by the containerisation, which standardised crate sizes o...
The Role of Free Zones in the Development of Tourism: Case Study of Kish Island
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The current research investigates the role of free zones in the development of tourism. For this reason, it firstly studies the tourism status in the World, Iran and the Kish Island, illustrates the h...
The Kaliningrad Region’s Industry, Problems and Prospects of Development and Restructuring in the Context of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
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The article is devoted to changes in the Russian Kaliningrad region’s industry since the early 2000s’ under the influence of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The main outcome of the changes was the re...
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This article reflects the ways and methods of the development of the Russian, particularly Kaliningrad’s, fishing industry aimed at economic growth. The fishing industry conditions and the analysis of...
The Instruments to Maintain Cluster Activities within the territory of the region
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Availability of special economic zones within the territory of clusters raises the level of coordination and confidence between the cluster participants, strengthens industrial cooperation and increas...
The Implementation of Industrial Parks: Some Lessons Learned in India
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The Impact of Competitiveness on Firm Growth in Special Economic Zone: A Study of Electronics Cluster in Batam, Indonesia
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Special Economic Zones (SEZ) have proven to be a powerful engine in fostering regional economy but also excel the capability of a country. This research aims to investigate some major determinants of ...
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